Fossil is obsolete

The use of oil in this 21st century, is obsolete for many usages: for example, why heating an house with fuel, while sun and inhabitants will do that free of charge! It is a bit like willing to replace light bulbs with candles!

Scientists are telling us not to extract more then 20% of known oil reserve, so let's restrict oil for usage where there is no alternative solutions (we like travelling by plane).

Replacing an equipement is expensive

Okie dokie, I will stop burning fossil energies. I will change my car and my boiler.

But to replace those CO2 emitting appliances by carbon free equipment, I need to borrow and it is expensive.

The boiler or the car will pay interest

Great ! By replacing my CO2 emitting equipemnt by a carbon free equipment, you earn many €O2s on your CO2 Account.

Those €O2s will pay for the interest of the loan. You can't beat that.

Discover our €O2 loans

True, my fuel boiler is old enough, and time has come to think about replacing it. What if I start by getting more information…

I heat my home with gaz, I drive a fuel engine car. All those appliances are emitting CO2. You will soon be able to borrow in €O2s with the €O2 loans, to replace them, and become carbon free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I borrow in €O2s rather then in euros ?

Because it is much cheaper ! Your CO2 emission reductions will pay for the loan interest. You can't beat that.

In addition you circulate the €O2 currency and participate in fighting climate change. This is a strong commitment.

How can I get an €O2 loan ?

Put your request through the website, and we will comme back to you immediately. In case of a positive outcome, we will ask you to upload all requested documents.

Once your file is complete and accepted, funds will be either directly wired to your account or to the installer for the replacement of your old fuel boiler.

How to reimburse my €O2 Loan ?

The €O2 loan is a standard laon. The main difference is only its currency. Each month you need to reimburse the quantity of €O2s you owe according to your €O2 loan contract.

If your CO2 Account is not your main bank account, you have to make monthly automatic transfers to you CO2 Account from your regular bank account.

What is the duration of reimbursment of €O2 loans ?

The €O2 laon to replace your old fuel boiler is a unique loan with a duration of 4 years, so that you have 48 instalments to payback.

When other €O2 loans will be available, you will be able to select the loan duration.

Whom should I pay with my €O2 loan ?

Depending on the type of loans, funds wil be transfered directly to your CO2 Account, or will be sent to the seller of the funded appliance.

Is it mandatory to contract an insurance for the €O2 loan ?

No. It is however greatly recommanded.