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Switch to euro-green (€G) with CO2 Account

Our entire economy is carbon-based. Our euros finance fossil fuels and climate change.

With CO2 Account, you go from the euro-carbon to the euro-green.

Through incentives, CO2 Account supports households in reducing their CO2 emissions.

These reductions are then backing the euros deposited on CO2 Account which thus become green-euros, the euros of a carbon free economy.

Reduce your CO2 emissions, directly or via your CO2 Account

Help reduce community emissions by using green-euros with your CO2 card.

1 baguette bought each day for 1 year with the CO2 card = 1 tonne of CO2 abated, or the equivalent of one year's driving to work!

Decarbonise your daily life with your CO2 Account

Reduce your CO2 emissions in your home or in your transport by replacing equipment that emits CO2 with a carbon-free solution.

CO2 Account supports you in 2 ways:

  • Compte CO2 - Premium
    Via a carbon bonus paid directly into your CO2 Account*

    ( * conditional on loyalty )

  • Compte CO2 - Electric Car
    By offering you a loan around 0.5% APR to finance your green project

The Account in green-euros, for €G 5 per month

The 1st Account un green-euros, which matches your money with CO2 reductions.

  • Compte CO2 - Carte de Paiement

    A concrete tool for action against climate change

  • Compte CO2 - Carte de Paiement

    1 payment card

  • Compte CO2 - Voiture Electrique

    A loan offer around 0.5% APR for projects to reduce your CO2 emissions

  • Compte CO2 - Arbre

    A carbon bonus to reward your efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions

  • Compte CO2 - Offre Sauvegarde

    Soon a 100% green savings offer that guarantees CO2 capture for at least 100 years.

  • Compte CO2 - Sécurité - Fonds Garanti

    Your money is safe: CO2 Account works with the company Treezor, registered with the Banque de France.

  • Compte CO2 - Retrait Bancaire

    Replacement of cash (no withdrawal), which is the most CO2 emitting payment instrument, by transfers to everyone directly from the App.

  • Compte CO2 - Aucun Frais

    0 charges in the euro zone for card payments or transfers.

  • Compte CO2 - Services Illustration

    All payment services, minus the CO2

    iOS and Android mobile application

    The 1st Account in green-euros, which matches CO2 reductions to your money, available on your mobile.

    Instant notification

    After each transaction you receive a notification and an update of your balance in real time.

    Money transfer

    Simply send money via a contact on your phone. Add recipients in seconds. Send them money immediately.

    Managing your card payment

    Lock/unlock your card.
    You manage your limits.
    ou set your card pin code.


    Enable/disable options, NFC, foreign payment.
    Choose the access mode to the application, Password, Code, Fingerprint.

    A 100% secure account with French bank guarantee

    National deposit guarantee up to €100,000

    3D secure online payment

    Lockable and unlockable card

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