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Offset your company's CO2 emissions

By offsetting your emissions with Compte CO2, you encourage households and businesses to reduce their CO2 emissions. It's the first step on the road to a zero-carbon economy.

You'll become a leader in the community that uses green euros. Congratulations!

What is carbon offsetting?

By offsetting your CO2 emissions, you, as a company or individual, are financing CO2 emission reductions that someone else is doing for you, giving value to CO2 emissions and recognising their economic importance. And that's a big deal!

By deciding to offset all or part of your CO2 emissions, you calculate your own CO2 emissions. That's a big deal too, because today few individuals or businesses know their emissions!

Voluntary offsetting is therefore an economical and educational tool. That's two good reasons to offset your CO2 emissions.

Discover your carbon footprint to become more responsible in your daily life

Knowing my carbon footprint

Offset your emissions with Compte CO2!

Go local! The CO2 Account is a voluntary offsetting project on European soil.

The first unique feature of the CO2 Account's voluntary offsetting offer is the possibility of offsetting your CO2 emissions with European citizens, farmers or businesses. Thanks to our methodology, certified by the French government and the United Nations, we can transform the CO2 reductions of French households and businesses (in the housing and transport sectors) into CO2 credits.

This enables us to establish a close relationship with the households and businesses registered on the Compte CO2 website and to support the country's economic activity.

Carbon offsetting with Compte CO2 is the most effective of all existing projects!

Offsetting your emissions with Compte CO2 means a positive return on investment. Compte CO2 is the only offsetting project in the world that offers this kind of return.

In fact, one euro invested in voluntary offsetting generates between 1 and 3 euros for the household or company that has reduced its emissions.

In all other projects, for every euro invested, the person who reduces their emissions receives around 0,40 euro.

And this is made possible by loans in green euros. This is unique in the voluntary offset market.

Of course, the price per tonne of CO2 is adjusted according to the quantity to be offset. To offset the CO2 emissions of your activity, project or event, contact us us now to request a quote.

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