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CO2 Account for businesses

No carbon constraints!

Get involved in a positive way, with green-euros, the climate currency that takes the opposite side of the constraint by aiming to be an incentive, thus making the climate problem more attractive to everyone.

Contact us quickly at, because the possibilities for using a CO2 Account and green-euros in business are endless. Here are just a few examples.

Offer your employees a CO2 Card credited with €Gs

A simple first step to getting your employees involved in the fight against climate change!

Indeed, what could be nicer than receiving a CO2 payment Card credited with green-euros to make a personal commitment through an incentive?

From there, your employees can start doing their own carbon footprint with this simple calculator, which is available in open source, and which you can even integrate on your website. In this way, they define the actions that seem most appropriate to their personal situations.

Opt for an innovative CSR policy with CO2 Account

You've increased your employees' purchasing power with a CO2 card. You can now use it to pay them the sustainable mobility package.

Or to encourage sthem to further reduce their own emissions by contributing to their CO2 Account in proportion to the reduction achieved, to boost their efforts.

You can also offset your company's CO2 emissions..

And even sell your products in Green-Euros.
Or reduce your emissions and earn €Gs.
Then include all these elements in your ESG reporting!

Make offers in green-euros to keep €G money circulating

To expand this community of €G currency users, sell your products in green-euros, at a cheaper price than in fossil-euros.

It couldn't be easier: run promotions aimed at people and companies who are sensitive to the climate cause, with products that can be bought in €Gs at lower prices than if paid in brown-euros!

By doing so, you'll encourage your customers to use green-euros, and you'll expand the community. You're taking concrete action to help the climate cause. It's that simple.

Discover your carbon footprint to become more responsible in your daily life

Knowing my carbon footprint

Reduce your CO2 emissions and earn €Gs

You reduce your CO2 emissions from your company's "building + transport" scope, and you receive a €G credit on your CO2 Account.

To do this, we count your CO2 emissions on the basis of your invoices.

In the specific case of your employees' commuting emissions, these will be calculated for each of your employees in their own personal carbon footprint, initiated by an incentive CSR policy, and then aggregated in your scope 3.

You can then extend this initial calculation to a full carbon footprint. To do this, we suggest you get in touch with O2M a company with real experience and depth on the subject.

Sector viewpoints

Competitive road haulage

It's a well-established fact that the profitability of the road haulage sector is highly sensitive to the price of diesel fuel.

In practical terms, CO2 Accunt helps hauliers to reduce their fuel costs by encouraging drivers to maintain the practices they have learnt in eco-driving training, by giving them a credit on their CO2 Card.

The purchase of hydrogen or biomethane vehicles, also known as biogas, generates euros-greens on your CO2 Account, or can be the subject of euros-green loans.

Green supermarket distribution

All retail stakeholders are committed to sustainable development.

Satisfying the needs of consumers, motivating suppliers and rewarding employees, supermarkets have considerable levers at their disposal to encourage local, organic and environmentally-friendly food production, or the manufacture and sale of low-carbon products.

CO2 Account can be used to promote offers in green-euros on "green products", or to distribute a CO2 Card to your employees and customers, and to increase your fleet of electric vehicles.

Agriculture and agri-food industries


If you're a farmer and you're reducing your farm's CO2 emissions (tractors, farm), you can receive a credit in green-euros on your CO2 Account

If you belong to an agricultural cooperative, you can encourage it to use green-euros internally or with its customers in the agri-food industry, some of whom are already offsetting their CO2 emissions. So you might as well make sure that these actions support your business!


Let's broaden the range of actions that can be credited to your CO2 Account: reducing methane emissions from livestock farms, managing livestock effluents, growing legumes, drying alfalfa in the field, etc....

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